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OYO Records is owned by the Jazz singer, Roy Forbes, who is currently the leading Artist on the label. Click on the link to visit www.royforbes.com to for more about Roy and to find out where you can see him play.

Last Orders cover Last Orders - Fresco with Roy Forbes (JazzVibes 2005)

Telma cover Telma - Roy Forbes (OYO Records 1999)

Going Home cover Roy Forbes - Going Home (OYO Records 1997)

Something That You Said CD cover Something That You Said... - Luke Shingler (OYO/B'ham Jazz House 2000)

This excellent but rare CD is the debut recording by the highly talented Birmingham based Tenor Sax player Luke Shingler. Lukes powerful straight ahead style is irresistable and even impressed the Russian maestro Oleg Kirejev. The CD is still available through OYO Records.